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The Great Northern Railway: A History 4

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The Great Northern Railway: A History
published by Harvard Business School Press

    Part I 1856 to 1916
    1. The First Ten Miles
    2. Frustrrated by Finance
    3. Growing Pains
    4. Northern Pacific Interlude
    5. Legislation and Litigation
    6. The Associates Gain Control
    7. The Manitoba
    8. Consolidations and Adjustments
    9. From Butte to Buffalo
    10. Tensions in Finance
    11. On to Puget Sound
    12. Creating an Empire
    13. Developing the Northwest
    14. Men and Mallets
    15. Locals, Limiteds, and Liners
    16. Corporate Structure and Finance
    17. “Leading the Band”
    Part II 1916 to 1970
    1. World War I and the USRA
    2. Of Good News and Bad
    3. Polishing the Operation
    4. Passenger Business and Change
    5. Expansion and Development
    6. An Attempted Merger
    7. Corporate Health
    8. The Tangled Ways of Finance
    9. Traffic and Profits in Adversity
    10. The Pressure of War — Again
    11. Labor-Management Relations in Depression and War
    12. Prosperity Under Stress
    13. John Budd and a Changing Environment
    14. Labor Tensions and Personnel Policies
    15. Economic Development Programs
    16. SD45s and Univac III
    17. “No Sacred Cows — or Goats”
    18. The Last Spike is Never Driven

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Author(s): Ralph W. Hidy, Muriel E. Hidy and Roy V. Scott with Don L. Hofsommer
Number of Pages: 360
Publication Date: 1988
Age Group: adult
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