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The Trains We Rode 4

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The Trains We Rode
published by Promontory Press
hardcover with dust jacket

Here is the most comprehensive picture survey of American railroad travel ever undertaken by experts in the field: a panorama of the old style of overland transportation, where luxurious surroundings were taken for granted and where the amenities of life aboard the cars patterned the opulence of the grand hotels of the time. Over 1500 black-and-white photographs and illustrations celebrate the age of Pullman Standard and steam motive power, when the great name trains of the United States enjoyed the envy and admiration of the entire world of travel.

This impressive collection, originally published in two volumes and brought together here for the first time, will be cherished for its history, its nostalgia, and its true affection for a classic way of life. Beebe and Clegg have chronicled the workings of the huge railroad empires, the moguls who manipulated the destinies of those empires, the thrill of journeying aboard the cars, the changing American landscape and the eventual passing of the golden age of the grand name trains.

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg
Number of Pages: 976
Publication Date: 1990
Age Group: adult
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