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The Lore Of The Train (used) 4

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The Lore Of The Train (used)
published by Nordbok

  1. Primeval Forms

    What is a train? Rutted ways in early times. Mining railways in the Middle Ages. The first steam engines: Marquis of Worcester's, Savery's, Papin's and Newcomen's. Richard Trevithick and the first steam locomotive at Penydarren. Catch-me-who-can is exhibited in London, 1808.

  2. The Motive Revolution

    The world's first public railway. Murray and Blenkisop's rack locomotive. Colliery locomotives. Puffing Billy. John Steven's rack locomotive. The opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1825. The Rainhill Trials. The Rocket. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

  3. The Great Morning Of Steam

    The first American locomotives. Tom Thumb. The Best Friend of Charleston. First railways throughout Europe. The "Planet" and "Patentee" types. Famous locomotive engineers: Robert Stephenson, William Norris, August Borsig. Early passenger car design. The Railway Mania.

  4. Mid-Nineteenth Century

    Scandinavia's Förstlingen. The Semmering Trials in Austria. Maffei's Bavaria. Engerth's Speiser. Crampton and his new designs. Gooch's broad gauge locomotives. The first 2-6-0. Sleeping cars – Pullman, Nagelmackers. Mountain railways. The first underground city railway.

  5. The Years of Monopoly

    The "American Type" locomotive. The development of valve gears. Safety of trains. Firing. Compound expansion: Mallet, von Borries and de Glehn. Sleeping car design. Heating and lighting. First electric traction. Speed records. The Baltimore and Ohio electric locomotive.

  6. Steam Challenged

    The 1875 Jubilee. Schmidt's superheater. Gauge variations and its problems. Electric traction in Europe. The "Pacific" type. Passenger classes. Traveling in comfort. Freight engines. The Beyer-Garrat. Snow plows. The first Diesel engines. Monorails.

  7. The Train In Our Time

    Electric and diesel traction. Advances in locomotive engineering. The steam engine's rearguard action. Mechanical stokers. Boosters. Turbine steam locomotives. Specialized freight cars. The Trans-Europ-Express. City transit. French electric locomotives. The Tokaido Express

  8. Appendix: The Future Of The Train

    A special section written by P. M. Kalla-Bishop for this book. Present developments are described: automatic railways, high speed on steel railways, unorthodox railways. The linear electric locomotive. The tracked hovercraft system. The "tilting body" train. The magnetic levitation train.

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Publication Date: 1977, 1983
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