Baltimore & Ohio blue w/ gray trim Plymouth switcher

Baltimore & Ohio blue w/ gray trim Plymouth switcher

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Date Added: Thursday 29 June, 2023

by John Boxmeyer

I just received this B&O Plymouth switcher and love it already, even though I haven't tried the smoke unit. I'm glad I finally bought it because, in my opinion, it looks better than in the photos on the website. The paint job is sharp and the details are better than other engines I have that cost more. The diecast body gives this tiny loco some real heft. It pulls 4 cars around without any problem, and that's probably all I'd pull with it anyway. As The Western Depot's description states, "Kadee style couplers come installed ...this locomotive also includes operating Lionel type couplers." This engine looks good with the Kadee style couplers, so I'd planned to install a Kadee coupler on one of my cars to use as a transition car with this engine. I was surprised to find there's no need, because the K-line instructions say these will mate with Lionel couplers, and they do.

Rating: ★★★★★ [5 of 5 Stars!]

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